the first hours


   Eric Lindahl captured the happy family. These were taken in the two hours following surgery.
   Look for baby face close-ups from the loving father ASAP. They say my Fiji film photos will be ready “Monday or Tuesday,” having been given on Saturday to the only three-day “overnight” service available in Silicon valley.

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May 2001

mother and child
~7 pm, May 18, 2001


   What surgery? Isn’t he beautiful? Deb was alert and pain-free in the recovery room.

all of us
family of three


   The happy family. Nurse Anne in the background was especially accommodating.

who is it?
tiny little super guy


   We didn’t instinctively have a name when we saw his face, so we have had to watch him and think about it. We've settled on Gabriel Gadzikowski for the birth certificate, with the middle name kindly left blank until Tomorrow.
   His eye lids are shiny from anti-biotic ointment. Nurse Anne from the previous photo obliged us by waiting an hour before putting in they eye drops. He was looking around, and we had heard that there was a magic hour of alertness from our classes, so we preferred to delay the non-urgent shots and eye drops until Gabriel was sleepy.



   Family man.



   She was a little weak from the surgery, so I held her head so she could see Gabriel. To help prevent post-surgery nausea, the bed was nearly flat.

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