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     in the mid ’70s i recorded band and orchestra concerts, using analog stereo cassette or reel-to-reel decks for simple binaural recordings.
     almost two decades later, i started recording my bands, delicious blue and rebecca’s mask. while i ran house sound, attempting on-the-fly to mix a second set of microphones to stereo 16-bit compressed minidisc, with subsequent analog mastering to cassette.
     when both bands lost their drummers simultaneously, i began recording other bay area musicians while un-encumbered by house sound, using eight-channel 24-bit equipment, with neither lossy compression nor analog mastering for the CDs.
     often i can tell the difference.

obligatory equipment list

recordings—technical assessment

1 mic =
better than nothing
 mic 3 mics =
 mic  mic  mic
2 mics =
 mic  mic 4 mics =
mic  mic  mic  mic

mastered performances with MP3s available

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  blame sally (bs site)
(AKA story road)
  bazaar cafe,
san francisco, california
           mic  mic  half mic
  mothers day show
monica pasquale (mp site), blue water triplets, me jane, jill knight (jk site)
  musicians’ loft,
san francisco, california
  jill knight (jk site)   bazaar cafe,
san francisco, california
           mic  mic
  pam and jeri show   bazaar cafe,
san francisco, california
        mic  mic  mic  mic

recorded performances in production

you have a chance to hear these someday. quality estimated from pre-mastered, raw audio.
  blame sally & erin corday (bs site)
no mp3s for ec, by request of ec
  freight and salvage,
berkeley, california
           mic  mic
  blame sally (bs site)   bazaar cafe,
san francisco, california
         mic  mic  mic  half mic
  rebecca’s mask (rm site)
final performance
  barnes & noble,
san jose, california
         mic  mic  mic  mic
permissions contradiction TBD
  dana street coffee,
mountain view, california
           mic  mic


all performances recorded with permission.
protect intellectual property—stealing music is wrong!

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