the muse

mother’s day musicale 2000
monca pasquale
blue water triplets
me jane
diane souza
jill knight
may 12th, 2000, at the musicians’ loft, san francisco
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© monica pasquale
00:20   intro   mp
04:22   (hold me)   mp
04:40   grape   mp
05:21   stupid mistakes   mp
06:13   (better than movies)   mp
05:16   planet ranch   mp
05:46   sin tu amore   mp
© blue water triplets
04:29   showtime   bwt
04:43   before   bwt
04:08   broken   bwt
05:04   anywhere   bwt
03:36   water   bwt
© antonia spoken word
00:57   intro   antonia
05:26   (women, 2 women)   (other)
04:23   (southern discomfort)   antonia
© me jane
01:11   spam haiku   me jane
04:30   (every seven years)   me jane
02:55   (tattoo)   me jane
02:37   (going to memphis)   me jane
04:27   (rome fell)   me jane
02:49   (can't stand the rain)   me jane
04:21   (big big bed)   me jane
03:36   (johnny)   me jane
03:47   (not no lady)   me jane
07:28   (come apart)   me jane
00:46   interlude   me jane
05:43   (factors of five)   me jane
© diane souza spoken word
02:24   (sad embarrased mother)   ds
04:05   (like a cirrus cloud)   ds
apologies to ds for running out of batteries twice during her set
© jill knight
01:29   intro   jk
05:21   don't make me cry   jk
03;39   imaginary line   jk
05:23   future perfect   jk
04:18   thin pane   jk
03:58   jeans   jk
05:44   searchlight   jk
06:02   (tell me something good)   cover
04:49   mysterious one   jk
08:33   (best of my love)   cover
04:22   carolina   jk
05:43   (running away)   jk
04:52   all good girls   jk
04:45   built to last   jk
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