the muse

blame sally
aka story road

jeri jones, pam delgado, monica pasquale, renée harcourt
january 12th, 2001, at the bazaar cafe, san francisco

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set one
02:09   heaven and hell [incomplete]   monica
03:08   sweet remains   monica
04:24   back to me   renée
03:42   grape   monica
04:53   forever to find you   blue water triplets
03:52   (not born angry)   blame sally
05:41   alienation   monica
02:35   subway song   pam & jeri
set two
04:52   stupid mistakes [interrupted]   monica
03:50   vie for love   renée
03:30   touch   renée
04:17   planet ranch   monica
06:03   (night is mine)   blame sally
04:11   (trying to make my ~)   renée
04:02   she rocked me all night long   AC/DC
04:54   (baby inside)   monica
04:02   dreamland   j mitchell
05:16   give a damn   blame sally
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