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into the new world


   To date, our pending child has prompted our friends and loved ones to gift us with three baby showers. Despite my being laid off, a fourth may still be given by my recent coworkers. With so many April showers, i figure i may be obliged to name the kid Pilgrim.
   My dad likes to pun-ish his kids too. Maybe it’s genetic.

mixed blessings


   Friday i was laid off with decent severance. I had the equivalent funds prepared as my nest egg for family leave, so i'm not consumed with worry. I can continue in the manner until summer, but if I become frugal i can evaluate opportunities until autumn.
   I felt an odd relief when it happened, suggesting that i’m no longer responsible for an unreasonable deadline on my tedious project. But i'd never say that out loud. Mostly i’ve been feeling relief rather than stress. OK, my digestion was funky on Friday night.
   My office took longer than expected to pack up, partly because i keep lots of toys and books, but mainly because after returning from a lunch baby shower, my ex-coworkers were stopping by to express regrets, and share contact information.
   That was heartening. Some wouldn’t leave until they saw me write their email addresses in my organizer. Two of my most-respected colleagues expressed astonishment at my departure, and concern for my project features. One genius developer fellow recognized me from the pedestal where i keep him, saying i was “one of two surprise layoffs.” Keen. Esteem is preserved.
   Wish i had had time to say goodbye to everyone. If i missed you, please know it wasn’t intentionally. Email mark at gadzikowski dot com.
   Apparently I even missed the CEO stopping by my office, twice. [Thanks Larry. No hard feelings. I’m an investor as well as an employee.]
   Colleagues from previous lives are sending email enquiries about my availability, and one even left a voicemail job offer. The Director of Instructional Design at my favorite computer company recently invited me to call when i was available. I have a plethora of opportunities.
   However, i promised myself not to look for work until i’ve rested a full week. I need some downtime. It’s hard being laid off.

my résumé

bad implementation
timing is everything


   Remedy made a “Labor Reduction” announcement Tuesday, not to employees, but during a conference call to investors. This seems like poor planning, as if the layoffs were conceived as a last minute appeasement to wall street.
   Only the next morning were employees collected and informed officially, sending a message that employees are subordinate to stockholders. It will be four days after the original call, on Friday, when management finally delivers pink slips and severance to 7% of the worldwide work force.
   Despite the low odds for any given person—only 1 in 14 people, or 100 total employees worldwide—no project work has been accomplished this week. Many employees, folks who I would think should be secure in their jobs, have asked me to review résumés and cover letters.
   At least I’ve prepared a bankroll in anticipation of unpaid baby leave. Some coworkers with no savings accounts are in panic mode: unable to work, unable to think; immobilized.
   When I’m the evil overlord, things will be different.

lying down on the job
the rest of the pregnancy


   Hello from baby central.
   My son, sometimes Vladimir Roland Gadzikowski, sometimes Gabriel Roland, sometimes Tanner Monroe, or Abraham, or Glen or David—we still don't know—is due any day now, with the official date May 23. However, Deb is still working her regular schedule, and mommy’s activity is decreasing the baby's activity. She’s on doctor's orders to be horizontal an hour three times daily. Her workplace has generously provided a cot in a conference room, and a laptop with which she can conduct business from a reclined position. I understand her coworkers are wishing they were pregnant so they might lie down twice during their shifts, too.
   When mommy rests, then more nutrients go to Vlad, and Vlad pees more often, then producing more amniotic fluid, so there's enough room for Vlad to play. Vlad gets to stay inside only if there's enough room to play. We go twice a week for a fetal non-stress test for monitoring baby's movement, and ultrasound once a week to monitor the amniotic fluid. If Vlad isn't moving three times in every twenty minute test, we induce labor immediately. Should amniotic fluid drop below 5cm, we induce labor. It was at 6cm last week, but has increased to 7.37 this week.
   We are cautious, and not worried.

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