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   I've moved the July pictorial articles onto separate pages so that slower modems don't have to deal with the entire month's images at once.

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traveling boy
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we're here!

   I'm in Hawai’i again! This is much more fun when I'm not in utero like last November. I slept most of the airplane ride from San Francisco to The Big Island. That other baby was pretty loud, so I showed everyone what “good baby” really means. People liked me a lot.
   If I’m really really good, I think that mommy and daddy will take me to Mardi Gras in New Orleans again, too.

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tiny little super guy
he had a good start


   At his two-month well-baby checkup, Gabe weighed in at 15 pounds, 14 ounces, and measured 25 inches long. He's sleeping 4-8 hours at a stretch, which is great for mom and dad—we finally get to go to bed a the same time! he's eating well, with the big guy needing about 4 ounces of formula daily to suppliment mother's milk.

open letter
brief update without pics


   We're great here. Gabriel's very alert, and his neck is strong and supportive. His strength is amazing. Gabe looks around all the time, holds his own head up for lengthy periods, lifts himself up by grabbing my fingers when i pull. He stands with only balancing aid, and gawks at everything bright, like lamps and TVs and computer LCDs. His grip is strong enough to lift him when he grabs two fingers and holds on. The doc says he'll start turning himself over soon. Personally, I'm eagerly waiting for him to be able to hold his own bottle, and dreading the apartment child-proofing required when he starts crawling.
   We switched to cloth diapers a few weeks back. It's mainly for the environment, and that's sufficient. They're fine as far as convenience, and they actually leak less than disposables. Ask me again after we come back from a vacation with cloth diapers. We won't see any money savings for over 6 months, and maybe longer if the apartment keeps raising the laundromat costs 33% like they did this week.
   Deb returns to work August 14, and I won't have any vacation time with a new job, so we decided to take an airplane ride for a week's vacation with Gabe later this month. Won't that be fun! Gabe can't wait. At least there's an in-room washer/dryer within our time share.

getting a life


   Warning: You may wish to sit down and prepare yourself. This article has nothing to do with the baby. I'm resuming a life of my own, after a fashion.
   These days my major problem (after sleep deprivation) is that I'm having to battle against spending my nest egg on toys instead of family leave. But with all this time on my hands, and with RMDY doubling in price just before my options expired, it's really hard not to buy that extra piece of gear that would make a project so much easier...
   My band is recording a new CD this month. I'm the sound engineer. We've never done this before. Can you spell spendies trouble? I'd spent my July allowance before the holiday weekend!
   And on top of that, I've been bit by the stereo bug hard. I was compelled to buy a new
high-current stereo power amplifier because my present integrated amp won't support my electrostatic loudspeakers when I listen to Telarc's 6 Hz cannons on the 1812 at weekend volume levels. *sigh*
   I was barely able to contain my joy when I found an absolute steal on my multi-thousand dollar dream turntable and "Black Widow" tone arm from 1982. Yet, seeing how often I listen to LPs with my turntable in storage, I managed to resist spending $400 to save that $1600.
   This did motivate me to set up my ancient consumer turntable and begin digitizing LPs that were never republished in CD, like Jan Hammer's The First Seven Days. It's so weird to hear scratches when listening to a CD....
   Hopefully I can stop spending with one more purchase, a CD changer to replace a failing Harmon Kardon mistake we never liked (bad industrial design--the buttons are under the darn tray, so you can't see anything when it's open, for example the next CD button..).
   But wait! Our decade-old wedding-present microwave is failing...

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