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   Deb was feeling out of sorts, and she finally put two and two together about midnight. With a trip to the drugstore for the test, then came the wait ... at two AM we knew.

postiive pregnancy tester
2 AM news

   Our second attempt didn't take eight months. Only weeks after suspending birth control, we discovered that Gabriel is going to become a big brother in March!

first home sweet home
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   So we need a third bedroom. And we need to be entirely moved into the new digs before Deb returns to nursing school schedule in the fall.
   After two weeks of seearching, we’ve put earnest money down, and filled out a loan application for a three-bedroom home. It has 1682 square feet, about 150% of the space of our current two-bedroom apartment. It has three bedrooms, a den/computer/sewing room, wood-burning fireplace, master bath jacuuzzi, laundry room, as well as the obligatory kitchen, living room, dining area, and second bathroom.
   It's a manufactured—e.g. mobile—home. We'd own the building and rent a plot of land in a child-friendly park with amenities. There's a homeowner's association we still have to qualify with, in addition to the pending financial qualifications, before we can close on August 18th.
   The attraction of a mobile home is that the price is a stone's throw from my annual salary, so it won't be a financial disaster if something rational happens to California's absurd real estate values. Additionally, this is a bank repossession that we're buying for 75% of its true market value, so even if we sell it for market value a month later, we'd be able to recoup our entire moving and purchase costs.
   Enough words. Pictures now.

outside laundry room master bedroom master bath
gaby's room bathroom nursery dining room
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   The June 2004 page was posted July 30, 2004. I'm thinking of posting more missing August 2003 to June 2004 pages in August 2004. We'll see.

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