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go fly a kite
high stress relief


    eric suggested that deb and i go fly a kite. good thing he let us know he was planning to be there too. he had bought so many that he couldn’t keep them all in the air by himself.
     he also bought a cool digital camera, which is how you get to see this.
eric needs a big kite 
lawn potatoes     kite flying is a demanding hobby. we were this busy for almost three hours!
     this is the picture michelle took of our view looking up.
     my kite is the white dragon, which was actually irridescent when the sun was behind it. it reminded me of a flaming fuel leak on the side of a space shuttle.
    deb was flying the colored dragon, and the one trying to tangle our strings is eric’s kite...
    although michelle took this picture close to us, it’s just not quite what i was seeing from my vantage point.
michelle’s view
mark’s view      there you go. much better. this is more what i was seeing.
     notice the 23 degree rotational shift? i knew you would.
    now you know why i bought photoshop.
petey was also there.
casual petey
     don’t let his casual appearance fool you. this kite was the hardest of all to keep aloft, out of all the ones eric owns.
    this kite is a regular polygon that moves like the wi—like that bit from the movie tron, or like that tag-a-long ufo from the movie close encounters, or the smallest mushroom from the nutcracker’s sugar plum dance in fantasia—it bobs and weaves all over the place. pete had to relocate constantly just to keep it off the grass.
     deb gave the string to pete real soon after she played with this kite, and your humble narrator never tried that exercise machine at all.
    i was just too busy with my irridiscent dragon, and admiring all the others’ hard work.
     the guy eric bought his kites from had a kite with 300 pounds of lift.
     “what for,” you ask? he also had the mother of all a windsocks, a kite as big as a house.
huge windsock
     see that little windsock attached to the top kite? the small windsock was six feet long. the big one could have swallowed a small plane. fortunately, it didn’t seem hungry. it just turned slowly on its line, having a languid day.

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TO:  Mark Gadzikowski
Date: Fri, 9 Oct 1998 12:28:09 -0700 

> I called Dean at Gigalabs today
> and his message says that Gigalabs
> is no longer operational. 

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