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i wish
remedy for visto


   this month i stopped whining about being discontent at work and changed jobs. then for my week off, i whined about taking a new job. i just can’t win.

cop out warning
this was an email for someone particular,
but i’m too lazy to revisit this.


   today i attended new-hire orientation class, Remedy 101, taught by the CEO, HR VP, Marketing VP, and some high engineering muckety, gives a well-calculated small company feeling. i was entertained along with 20 other new hires with all day corporate training, company history, and culture info. a few newbies asked pointed questions about the stock price which made the CEO grin and bear it.
   cross section indicates Remedy hires some sharp cookies. You may have seen my No Bozo sticker pinned to my cube wall? Apple started their No Bozo campaign when average IQ at Infinite Loop had been lowered significantly in very early 90s. Bozo the clown eventually sued Apple successfully for using his name in vain. The clown won where Carl Sagan tried and failed. Remedy official written policy is “Hire only people who are as smart as you are, or smarter.” I have a laminated card to remind me during interviews. i get $2K-$5K for recommending a hire. you interview here and i split it with you.
   met a cool ex-UNIX programmer who is in her second week as roving all-OS genius tech support, despite no degree from her Iowa alma matter because of the 70s drugs and sex and rock’n’roll she partook instead of class. Remedy tech support sits in Pleasanton. :-( She laughed out loud when i spoke of “my third freshman year.” i told her i wrote her name in my notes for future reference, and she said she liked me too.
   i ate only veggie pasta and a guac-and-stuff-and-sprout sandwich in honor of the vegetarians at Visto, and drank a mountain dew in honor of my fatigue. Remedy has a locker room with a shower for healthy biking to work. Remedy break rooms fiendishly offer free soda, juice, and food to thwart my slim girlish figure [sic]; my mentor warned me about the Remedy-10, but i think i gained it twice already working at Visto.
   finally scored an office with a window and door again, like a real human being instead of veal in a fattening pen. whilst daydreaming i’ll be overlooking a patch of green delimited by bushes and trees and a parking lot.

   my office-mate was the invisible woman; perhaps she'll make herself known tomorrow. her desk holds up computers by Sun and Dell. Perhaps mine will too.
   they didn't have any computers for me, because 2/3 of the corporate email was down, and some stupid MIS drone thought email was more important than my workstation. maybe i need to look for another job instead of this slipshod half-ass operation. :-) yesterday my boss turned down [a slow machine with lots of RAM] in the hand for [a fast machine with lots of RAM] in the bush. i can dig it.
   my desk holds many secrets. the previous occupant of my office used a dell laptop that is missing its battery. paperwork suggests he accessorized with a SCSI 4G hard drive, and a Dell 17" monitor. he left a dozen ball point pens, lots of MS development CD ROMs, and his business cards, all of which i'm certain will be as useful as the battery. somewhere a Jaz drive cries for its SCSI adapter.
   six feet of space next to the white board wants to display either Thiebaud or Matt Groenig; but i haven't decided.
   very glad to have let VistoMatt talk me into a fortnight between jobs. i was figuring out expander switches for Briefcase Help in my sleep for five days after writing my last line of code at Visto.
   time for bed. this body is no longer used to going to sleep against an alarm. eventually i get to set my own hours, but right now my mentor says he’ll arrive tomorrow at 8:15 am.

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