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december 2006

  • owl song, for taliesen. circa 06.11.24
    This is my first HTML poem; formatting is a critical, essential component.

november 2006

graduate workshop droppings

     decades ago, in one of my grad school poetry workshops. Mary Swander asked us to start thinking of all our work as pieces of one collection, and to write with a unifying theme in mind. i recognized my verse was often about miscommunication, and started writing under the working title Bridges of Sand, Bridges of Stone.
     in the style of Gorey’s Gashlycrumb Tinies, i decided to limit myself to 26 poems entitled with a person’s name for each letter of the American alphabet. however, eventually someone somehow recognized the real person behind R is for Ratsmay, so i decided to alter my titles. the benefits included opening the collection to more than 26 pieces, and not tweaking my friends quite so hard.
     workshop critics kept asking me to clarify the meaning of my working title, so eventually Bridges of Sand became Discontinuities. i’ll have to add a poem about that, someday.


...more to come

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