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  • when friendship becomes a burden, then it is no longer friendship. (1986.02.19)
  • do blind eyes mirror the soul? (86.03.12)
  • judge yourself by what you know, not what you should have known.
  • the fact that the moon is moving keeps it where it is.
  • design apparel majors don’t appear in stories.
  • we place ourselves in a society of our choice. commit to the choices, or change them.
  • some of my poetry commits suicide.
  • the good thing about being a god is that you can hide anywhere you want.
  • hipeoise, a social caste
  • the best know the distance between themselves and perfection.
    the gap grows when we stop trying, otherwise can be seen only by peers.
  • can expertise be defined only by the competition?
  • the better you are, the more you achieve with practice.
  • when a person dies, an entire universe passes.
  • an eye-for-an-eye produces blindness.
  • children hear all and judge nothing.
  • idiots first
  • characters must not recognize basic truths in insignificant moments.
  • all the answers come from inside, but sometimes we need others to ask the right questions.
  • a man forced to believe, believes in force.
  • energy spent trying to dissuade the close-minded is wasted;
    energy spent trying to dissuade the open-minded is invested.
  • thought alone can never satisfy curiosity.
  • decry artificial aristocracy.
  • it is better to be naturally resourceful than to have natural resources.
  • distance enhances emotion already present;
    if there is none, then this fact is enhanced. (1986.08.15)
  • the bike, it was funny; it was U-shaped.
  • i used to drive a heisenberg uncertainty car,
    but every time i looked at the speedometer, i’d get lost. (1996)
  • jst sy NO to lssy cmprssn
  • that may be true if you have infinite amounts of noise-free data.
  • a man free of doubts should doubt his freedom.
  • approximately accurate input produces approximately accurate output.
  • meaning is in the belly of the poet.
  • there are two rules of life: the first is to pretend you know more than you do.
  • what is the question that answers cannot find?
  • program in ++C. why update a language if you’re not going to use the changes?
  • found a typo? keep it. my pen is mightier than your sword.

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