Mark Gilbert Gadzikowski
Sunnyvale, California


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A 15+ year veteran of silicon valley Technical Writing,
with tremendous leadership skills.


  • I can lead or found your documentation department, as I did for FMC, Alliance Semiconductor, Visto Corporation, Silicon Genetics, and Spansion Semiconductor, through proactively assessing documentation needs, then scheduling publications within the parameters of your environment. I have grown departments from paper-based publications to electronic delivery and direct web publishing, as customers require. When company needs broaden, I teach and mentor writers with the latest tools, and methods.
  • I can merge seamlessly with your experienced techpubs team, as I have at Sony PlayStation, Remedy Corporation, NVIDIA, and VMware. I contribute with minimal supervision, driving my own projects. I play well with others, representing techpubs in cross-functional and inter-departmental business, reaching consensus for team goals, following orders. I help create and enforce doc standards. I work with FrameMaker, Acrobat, Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio), Homesite, Doxygen, RoboHelp, Perforce, SourceSafe, BBEdit, vi.
  • I can optimize your documentation processes, achieving faster publications with fewer resources, as I have for Sony PlayStation, Remedy, NVIDIA, and Synopsys. I reduce review cycles, freeing up others’ time. I simplify doc delivery while preventing unauthorized access, giving customers fast access to only the documents they deserve.

Employment Summary

Senior Staff Technical Writer, 2011–present
Sony, Foster City, California
* Managed production of packaging and consumer documentation for PlayStation game consoles. Researched, wrote, and edited print documentation, as well as drove documentation review cycles.
* Edited and proofed raw translated UI text and OSD strings for firmware for PlayStation game consoles, PlayStation store, Music Unlimited and Video Unlimited services.
* Developed patent-pending method of selecting objects in 3D virtual reality space.


Contract Technical Writer, 2010–ongoing
Ubergizmo, San Francisco, California
* Edited technology articles.


Contract Technical Writer, 2009 to 2010
iPass, Redwood Shores, California (via Palo alto Staffing)
* Documented international telecom architecture reference for internal audiences.
* Published API guides for internal and external developers.
* Established processes for TechPubs writers and doc reviewers.
* Thrived in an agile development environment.


Contract Technical Writer, 2008 to 2009
Spansion, Sunnyvale, California (via Volt Staffing)
* Researched and wrote databook for intellectual property (IP), the blueprints for Flash memory with embedded 8051 controller.
* Established multi-product documentation standards, based on needs of the audience.


Senior Technical Writer, 2006 to 2008
Synopsys, Mountain View, California
* Researched and wrote databooks, install guides, release notes, quick starts, and readme documentation for intellectual property (IP), the blueprints for silicon chips.
* Scoped, managed, and published PDF documentation for multiple product lines, including USB, SATA, PowerPC, Ethernet, and PCI controller products. (My USB is in your iPod.)
* Contributed to publications department standards, style, and procedures.
* Edited and maintained TechPubs internal website.


Senior Technical Writer, 2004 to 2006
VMware, Palo Alto, California
* Scoped, Researched, wrote, and published hardcopy, HTML, CHM, & PDF manuals for software to virtualize x86 computing (Workstation v5.0 and Virtual Center v1.2).
* Collaborated with, aided, and mentored team members on entire product line documentation.
* Documented customer solutions formally through company Knowledge Base articles, and informally on internet forums.
* Assisted software user-interface design.
* Contributed to publications department standards, style, and procedures.
* Managed and maintained Technical Publications' product test servers.


Contract Technical Writer, 2004
Silicon Genetics, Redwood City, California
* Researched and wrote user guide for first release (Version 1.0) of software to analyze genetic variances.
* Assisted user-interface design for genetics analysis software.

silicon genetics

Contract Technical Writer, 2004
Marketlab, Napa, California
* Edited marketing collateral.


Senior Technical Writer, 2001–2003
NVIDIA Corporation, Santa Clara, California
* Researched and wrote data sheets, board design guides, technical briefs, application notes, chip errata and magazine articles about ASICs for an audience including OEM manufacturers and technical hobbyists.
* Documented all NVIDIA product lines, including graphics processors (GeForce, Quadro), game console processors (xBox), and motherboard chipsets (nForce IGP and SPP northbridges, and MCP/MCPD/MCPT southbridges).
* Represented technical publications at inter-departmental, project, and product release meetings.
* Assisted construction of company-wide templates, style guide, and publications procedures manual.


Senior Technical Writer, 1999–2001
Remedy Corporation, Mountain View, California
* Researched, wrote, and published hardcopy, HTML, & PDF manuals
for multi-platform database applications.
* Architected online help system delivered via JSP to browser client,
while retaining compatibility with legacy Unix/NT clients.
* Managed documentation and business projects as technical lead.
* Represented Information Development (technical publications)
on interdepartmental committees.
* Contributed to publication style and procedure guides.
* Won industry awards for team publications in 2000 annual Northern California Society for Technical Communication (STC) competition.
* Earned certification in AR System Administration, AR System Advanced Topics,
Remedy Change Management, and AR Web & Remedy Web.


HTML Developer/Technical Writer, 1997–1999
Visto Corporation, Mountain View, California
* Coded dynamic help system for Internet personal information manager (PIM) using Javascript-like proprietary language.
* Wrote and maintained WinHelp online help system for web-to-desktop synchronizing software.
* Managed content and published corporate website.


Iowa State University

Master of Arts Degree, English (Creative Writing)
Iowa State University, Ames.

Bachelor of Arts Degree, English (Business and Theatre minors)
Iowa State University, Ames.

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